Local Contacts

301D Myers bldg./Velco
Center R.S Oca cor. Delgado Street, South Harbor
Manila, Philippines
Tel. No. :(63) 02 -245-2215
  :(63) 02 -495-2145
  :(63) 02 -243-0327
  :(63) 02 -242-7085
Fax No. :(63) 02 -245-2235
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 08:30hrs 17:45hrs
6th Flr. BDO Equitable Bank Tower Condominium
8751 Paseo De Roxas
Makati City, Philippines
Tel. No. :(63) 02 -886-0258
Fax No. :(63) 02 -886-0697 *Business Dept.
  :(63) 02 -886-6266 *Traffic Dept.
  :(63) 02 -886-0241 *Docs. Dept.
Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 08:30hrs 17:45hrs

Contact Details

Sales and Marketing

Sam Chien(Business Department Head)   samchien@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 101
Edgardo "Egay" Sales  (Business Department Head)   egaysales@evergreen-shipping.com.ph         *Loc. 102
 USA, Canada, Panama, Caribbean, Central America, West and East Coasts of South America, West Coast of Central America
Karen "Kaye" Taylan (Manager) karentaylan@evergreen-shipping.com.ph         *Loc. 114
Ernesto Miranda (Assistant Manager) tontonmiranda@evergreen-shipping.com.ph     *Loc. 167
Robert John Ambil robertjohnambil@evergreen-shipping.com.ph   *Loc. 159
Franklin Sta. Rosa franklinstarosa@evergreen-shipping.com.ph     *Loc. 160
Kenneth Hualde kennethhualde@evergreen-shipping.com.h        *Loc. 137
Arthur "Art" Castro (Manager) arthurcastro@evergreen-shipping.com.ph           *Loc. 110
Arturo "Art" Lee (Assistant Manager) arturolee@evergreen-shipping.com.ph                 *Loc. 153
Ian Carlo Leocadio iancarloleocadio@evergreen-shipping.com.ph   *Loc. 128
 INTRA-ASIA, Middle East & Australia  
Andrie Arreza (Deputy Manager) andriearreza@evergreen-shipping.com.ph           *Loc. 112
Mark Leslie Verano (Assistant Manager) markleslieverano@evergreen-shipping.com.ph   *Loc. 148
Ferdie Banaag ferdiebanaag@evergreen-shipping.com.ph           *Loc. 150
Ciara Ann Ng ciaraannng@evergreen-shipping.com.ph               *Loc. 151
Enrique Lorenzo Eleazar III enriquelorenzoeleazar@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc.154
Lani Tolentino (Manager) lanitolentino@evergreen-shipping.com.ph               *Loc. 109
Luis Angelo Corpus (Assistant Manager) luisangelocorpus@evergreen-shipping.com.ph      *Loc. 135
Jayson Magrata jaysonmagrata@evergreen-shipping.com.ph           *Loc. 113
Jerry Nierras jerrynierras@evergreen-shipping.com.ph                  *Loc. 136
Jordan Serrano jordanserrano@evergreen-shipping.com.ph             *Loc. 138

Customer Service

Cynthia Sanez (Manager) cynthiasanez@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 111
  Carmel Sauce (Assistant Manager) carmelsauce@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 143
  Aireen Francisco (Assistant Manager) aireenfrancisco@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 143
  Lailani Okuda (Assistant Manager) lailaniokuda@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 144
  Faye Cortes (Assistant Manager) fayecortes@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 176
  Len Santiago (Assistant Manager) lensantiago@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 177
  Vernon San Jose (Deputy Manager) vernonsanjose@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 307
  Ma.Aurelia Santos (Deputy Manager) ellasantos@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 129
  Mhariecell Baguio (Assistant Manager) mhariecellbaguio@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 188


 Jun Reyes (Deputy Junior Vice President) junreyes@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 306
  Jonjon Gomez (Deputy Manager) jesusgomez@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 319
    Mike Lopez (Assistant Manager) mikelopez@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 317
    Dennis Garcia (Assistant Manager) dennisgarcia@evergreen-shipping.com.ph (02)-245-2215
  Frank Domogma (Deputy Manager) frankdomogma@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 315
    Ruel Rodriguez (Assistant Manager) ruelrodriguez@evergreen-shipping.com.ph (02)-245-2215
    LJ Bautista (Assistant Manager) lovejoybautista@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 312
    Roger Mabini rogermabini@evergreen-shipping.com.ph *Loc. 314